Work Experience Policy

Work Experience Policy - WEX courses @ CHeS must be approved by the Principal

Taken from: Elective Work Experience Courses and Workplace Safety Policy

Note about paid work experience:

In most cases, ministry-authorized WEX courses involve non-paid placements, and the policy guide outlines the requirements for such placements. In cases where a district determines that a paid placement is acceptable and/or appropriate for a student, the paid employment must align with the student’s career or education plan as documented in the student’s file. As is the case with unpaid placements, educators must contact the student’s employer to establish a student training plan (WEX FORM), which includes information such as the hours to be worked, duties or tasks to be performed, employability skills to be practised, and workplace-specific skills to be developed. (See Appendix A for a sample student training plan for WEX.) The paid hours to be used for WEX may only begin after the school has contacted the employer, developed a student training plan, and completed the safety orientations required for ministry funding. Students participating in paid work experience must still meet all the standards and requirements outlined in our course templates.

Please note:

  • WEX A & WEX B, worth 4 credits each, must be 2 different lines of work.  You may work for the same employer but be assigned to a different job if you want to start a new WEX course.  
  • WEX A & WEX B however may be repeated as IDS courses if the student wants to gain more credits for the same job.