Roles & Responsibilities

Administration and Technology Support

CHeS's staff live throughout the province of BC but our main office recently moved to Prince George. Whether you are south or north our office staff are ready to field your questions and provide you with answers and if our office staff doesn't have an answer, we will put you in contact with someone who does. Please feel free to contact us. Toll Free (1-877-777-1547) or


School Responsibilities

The Independent School Act outlines a school’s responsibility to the Ministry of Education.

In the School Act, the main areas of accountability are:

  • Certification:
    All teachers must be certified either by B.C. Certification (College of Teachers) or Independent School Certification (through the Independent School Certification Committee).
  • Curriculum:
    Students must be given opportunity to engage in study designed to meet the requirements of the Ministry of Education’s BC Curriculum standards.
  • External Evaluation:
    Schools are evaluated regularly to ensure compliance with the Independent School Act.  Monitoring visits are scheduled for interim years. The degree of school compliance is reflected by Group status attained and directly affects funding.  CHeS is registered as a Group 1 school and receives the highest level of provincial funding available to Independent Schools (50% of the educational cost per student in the public school district where the school office resides.)
  • Learning Assessment:
    Students in grades 4 and 7 participate in regular province-wide assessment (FSA).  High school students participate in the appropriate Graduation Assessments.  Students are assessed is accordance with provincial mandates.  At CHeS we engage in continuous assessment punctuated by 5 assessment appointments throughout the year.
  • Personal Information Privacy Act (PIPA):
    Safeguarding personal information of parents and students is a fundamental concern of CHeS. The school is committed to meeting or exceeding the privacy standards established by British Columbia’s Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA) and any other applicable legislation.

This Personal Information Privacy Policy describes the policies and practices of CHeS regarding the collection, use and disclosure of personal information about students and parents, including the steps the school has taken to ensure personal and financial information is handled appropriately and securely.

CHeS may add, modify or remove portions of this Personal Information Privacy Policy when it is considered appropriate to do so, and any such changes will be effective upon giving notice of the revised policy. You may ask for the most recent update of this Personal Information Privacy Policy at the school office. This Personal Information Privacy Policy may be supplemented or modified by agreements entered into between CHeS and an individual from time to time.


Family’s Role and Responsibilities for Participation in Distributed Learning

Parents have the role of guiding their children spiritually and they have full authority in the education of their family.  Families choosing to enroll in DL education are choosing to submit to the guidance of a BC certified teacher who under the authority of the Ministry of Education has the responsibility of directing each enrolled student’s learning towards meeting the learning standards outlined by the province. The following steps are required:

  • Complete the online application form
  • Provide the office with all required legal documents
  • Cooperation with all eStreams policies
  • In a timely manner, before the activation deadline, participate in the creation and completion of a learning plan that reflects the guidelines presented and addresses learner interests and goals.
  • Maintain a mutually-positive relationship between families/learners and Learning Mentors (BC certified teachers)
  • Participate in "on going and meaningful contact" in the form agreed upon in your learning plan (weekly contact is required)
  • Provide sufficiently detailed learning samples to facilitate productive interaction with your Learning Mentor (BCCT) regarding learning activities/options, curricular choices, weekly highlights, challenges, etc. Adequate detail is required so that Learning Mentors can correlate student learning with Provincial Learning Standards according to the requirements of the BC Ministry of Education.
  • Use learning funds reflecting school guidelines making sure all purchases are pre-approved by your Learning Mentor.  Funds become available after all enrollment documents are received in the office and continue to be available based on active participation.
  • Have an adequate computer
  • Have an adequate means of communicating with Learning Mentor
  • Supervise students in all learning situations where the Learning mentor is not physically present


Learning Mentor (Teacher) Role and Responsibilities

Our BC certified teachers serve as specialized learning mentors to families and students who wish to engage in one or more of the CHeS eStreams. eStream mentors utilize electronic means to assist family-groups throughout the province. They are familiar with many educational options and resources and will provide you with the level of support that you need to reach the particular educational goals valued by your family.


Learning mentors work with students and families to help them:

  • clarify educational goals and interests
  • identify individual learning needs and preferences
  • identify teaching-style preferences
  • select assessment options
  • become familiar with several innovative homelearning methods, a variety of curriculum styles,
    and various CHeS-exclusive learning options (Mitchell Made or Shishido Science or Youth in Trades for example)
  • select curriculum or learning activities that match identified educational needs and preferences
  • make long-range plans


Learning mentors collaborate with families to create personalized learning plans that:

  • address family goals and expectations (within the parameters of the online program)
  • are structured around preferred learning materials and assessment options
  • fulfill Ministry requirements for content and assessment (we are flexible and innovative)


Learning mentors support families and learners and help them reach their goals by:

  • connecting learners with their selected curriculum components and learning options
  • answering questions, providing requested guidance, providing assessments and summary reports (ongoing assessment within the planner and 5 assessment appointments)
  • familiarizing families with the CHeS learning environment
  • developing collaborative relationships that support family goals
  • ensuring that Ministry requirements regarding subject content, assessment, reporting, and graduation requirements are met in a timely manner
  • maintaining a high level of efficient communication between themselves, school personnel, and the families involved


Neighbourhood Teachers

Neighbourhood teachers are BC certified teachers who work face-to-face with students in a close proximity.   Neighborhood teachers have all the same responsibilities as regular learning mentors with the added advantage of ongoing direct contact.


EA Roles & Responsibilities

EAs, under the direction of the Learning mentor, have the role of providing supports for special needs students and any student needing extra help. EAs provide teachers with feedback which aids in the teacher’s assessment of the student.