Criminal Records Policy

Criminal Record Checks

All Service Providers or 3rd Party Providers (working for an organization) who are in contact with students must have criminal record checks completed before Christian Homelearners eStreams can pay for any invoice. If you are interested in your child participating in any activity (from art or music lessons, to soccer, or other similar activities) ALL providers MUST have a clear Criminal Record Check (CRC).  

Upon requesting approval from your teacher for any service like this, we will need you as the parent to provide the cost of the lesson (or the cost per month) to your teacher. Please also be prepared to send the manual CRC form (or request them to email for a code to fill out this form online) to the provider you are seeking to work with. However, if the 3rd Party Service Provider is a BC registered organization (Community Organization, Aquatic Center, Swimming Pool. Rec Centre, etc.), the criminal record check done by their organization through the Ministry of Justice will suffice. Facilities that offer third party instruction must provide a declaration indicating all their instructors/staff working with students have a current CRC Use the "authorization from, organization" for this purpose. Please note: the Authorization Letter for Organizations will confirm that all their staff workers have up-to-date Criminal Record Checks 

All other individual 3rd party service providers must complete a CRC form with the Ministry of Justice. Please note, we cannot accept a Police Check. Please send the individual 3rd Party service provider this CRC form to complete and send back to: Otherwise, they can email and request for a code to fill out the same form online.  

In the case the 3rd party service provider has already completed a CRC with the Ministry of Justice, they can fill out the “Sharing Form” which allows the Ministry to share the provider’s results with Christian Homelearners eStreams. 

All Service providers must also agree to our health and safety policy see here. 

Services providers directly hired by the school will not be considered 3rd Party (i.e. private music teachers, dance instructors, woodworking teachers, sewing teachers, private swim instructors etc.) but are still required to have a Criminal Record Check and fill out either the Individual CRC Form or Individual CRC Sharing Form and send it to before submitting an invoice to the office. 


Individual Manual Form: Criminal Record Check Manual Form 

Individual Sharing Form: Criminal Record Check Sharing Form 

Email for a code to fill out the form online. 

Company Authorization Form: Criminal Record Check Authorization Letter (organization) (5.5 MB)