Course Activation Policy

Course Activation / Engagement Policy

Step 1: K-12 The parent or student electronically agrees with the learning plan & contact routine in the Planner by these dates:

  • Fully Funded Students: Sept. 29th (1st submission)
  • 1/2 Funded Students: Feb. 9 (2nd submission)
  • 1/3 Funded Students: May 1 (3rd submission) – also the deadline for all high school course activations.

Step 2. Activate Courses:

Courses must be activated in compliance with Ministry expectations. Activation learning evidence is required in this process.  This evidence must be documented in the planner as a dated sample of learning. The assignment or learning artifact must be marked by the teacher and assessment linked to the learning standards of the course. The requirement looks different for K-9, and High School, therefore take note of the details below.

Elementary K-9:

  1. Plan agreement by the snap shot date
  2. Engagement (dated activation learning evidence) also in place by the snapshot date. May consist of the following:
  1. One dated example of Student work in numeracy and one dated example of Student work in literacy.


  1. One dated artifact demonstrating teacher-Student involvement. Some examples of artifacts include:

o a Student activity log signed by Parent/Guardian and teacher
o attendance records of online virtual classes or onsite learning activities
o a photo/video of the Student showing their project-work or engaging in a learning activity

High School:

  1. A plan and plan agreement by the snap shot date.
  2. Per course, one example of a completed assignment that is aligned with the Curriculum Learning Standards for the course OR replaces a curriculum learning standard for the course as documented in the Student’s Individual Education Plan (IEP). Some examples of a course assignment include and are not limited to:
    • A quiz
    • A test
    • An activity log (includes dates of activity)
    • An example of planning in the writing process
    • A writing assignment
    • A teacher defined project
    • An inquiry project
  1. Dated evidence of teacher assessment of the completed assignment. The assignment does not need to achieve a passing grade but must be completed (i.e., all components of the assignment have been attempted) and the feedback must reflect the reason for the grade and how a passing grade may be achieved.